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Polish producer

ARCON is a dynamically developing company that was established in response to the needs of the domestic market in the chemical production additives industry and grocery. We specialize in the design and production of fragrances and food flavors. We are close to customers – our laboratories and production plant are located in Zielątkowo near Poznań.

The ARCON team consists of a group of professionals operating for over a decade in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical production sectors. We are part of the market, we have been analyzing the needs, expectations and situation of our current and potential customers for years. We work closely with scientific communities in Poland and abroad, with technologists and specialists in the chemical and food industries.


 We successfully apply the principle that the best path for our development will be to use the synergy of knowledge, experience, passion and creativity.

We create great things, persistently overcome challenges, look for solutions every day, listen to assessments and conclusions from our clients, consult scientists and specialists, process the obtained data and information, design and manufacture …

We are the largest Polish producer of fragrances and one of the largest producers of food flavors. We look forward to working with you!


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