Fragrances for air fresheners

The richness of fragrances, the variety of carriers.

The most important feature of each air freshener is its effectiveness, which must result from the combination of the fragrance composition with the appropriate physical and chemical structure of the final product. We know these rules and we successfully create fragrances for air fresheners in various forms.

The finesse, talent, sensitivity and unlimited imagination of our perfumers are a huge advantage of our company, which allows us to deliver products to the most demanding customers.

Arcon fragrance compositions produced in our factory can be felt on shop shelves in the following categories: cardboard or cellulose freshener (so-called scented Christmas trees), room air freshener in the form of atomizers or spray, car air freshener put on a ventilation grille or in the form of a glass bottle with a wooden stopper, gel freshener (e.g. scent shells), aroma diffuser – rattan sticks, scented candles, fuels for bio-fireplaces, etc.

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