Essential oils


Natural by definition

Essential oils in our offer are a guarantee of the highest quality. Pure, natural oils obtained from plant materials by distillation with steam, by squeezing the skins in the case of citrus or the less common so-called essential oils “absolute” (ISO 9235).

Arcon® essential oils are a unique group of natural resources found in our resource library. We have hundreds of ingredients that we use to compose perfect fragrance compositions, delicious flavours, and among them a special place is occupied by several dozen selected essential oils with meticulously verified properties.

Our superior role is the excellent ability to define and categorize the raw materials used, especially those of natural origin – such as essential oils. Here is the essence of a professional source – Arcon is a guarantee of a proven offer of essential oils. We are able to perfectly evaluate and catalog them, extracting from hundreds of other raw materials such as distillates, extracts, absolutes, the so-called refined or reconstructed oils.

We offer essential oils of the highest quality, in accordance with the guidelines contained in the Polish Pharmacopoeia (F.P) or the European Pharmacopoeia (PEU), food grade essential oils, essential oils for aromatherapy, all tested and in quality compliant with generally applicable regulations.

We have divided our offer of essential oils into 6 groups:
1. Citrus essential oils: lemon, orange, grapefruit, lime, etc.
2. Citrus-fruit essential oils: petitgrain, neroli, bergamot, citronella, etc.
3. Herbal essential oils: lavender, rosemary, sage, patchouli, cypress, juniper, basil, etc.
4. Forest essential oils: pine and fir essential oil,
5. Flower essential oils: rose essential oil, clove bud oil, ylang oil, etc.
6. Root and wood essential oils: Eucalyptus, tea tree, cedar, sandal, cinnamon, rosewood, etc. essential oils.

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